Who can benefit?

MBSR is highly respected within the medical community. Offered as a complement to traditional medical and psychological treatments, not as a replacement, it is proven to be effective in helping to treat the conditions shown here.  For journal articles and citations on the benefits of mindfulness practice, visit this page.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks                            

Work, Family, and Financial Stress             



Chronic Illness                                        


Eating Disturbances                                 

Fatigue /Sleep problems


Heart disease

Post-traumatic Stress (PTSD)

And for many more conditions...



                               Would you like to be able to say more of the following?

  • I feel more calm and relaxed                                           

  • I feel more present and confident

  • My decision making has improved and feels more authentic

  • The quality of my sleep improved

  • I am more focused and more aware of my surroundings

  • I feel more empathy towards others

  • I experience more harmony with myself and in relationship to others