About Iris - background information

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

As mentioned at the home page I'm a certified MBCT trainer and I received my training at the 'SEE TRUE' institution in Amsterdam. It was there that I gained experience in teaching about Mindfulness.


I was raised in the Netherlands by an Israeli father and French mother and so I grew up surrounded by three different cultures and languages. This largely contributed in having a broad perspective and an interest for various cultures and people. When I was 22 I lived and worked in south east Asia where I became interested in eastern philosophy and spiritual philosophy. It was there that i first got involved with buddhism and meditation.

Back in Holland I started to explore and practice different forms of meditation and yoga; from mindfulness, to zen, and from transcendental meditation to kundalini yoga.

When I discovered mindfulness in 2013 I instantly felt that I had found a very truthful way, practice and perspective that touched the core of my belief and at the same time worked in a practical and effective way on a daily basis within our fast pace and high demanding society. 


In Amsterdam I began studying cultural- art studies and later switched to Social pedagogy studies and got my bachelor's degree in that direction.

I was working as a social- educational mentor, counselor and coach, having experience working with various target groups ranging from refugees, young adults dealing with mental health issues and working with children, teenagers and their parents that experienced domestic violence. For several years I was also working as a student supervisor in college, where students were following a choice course in the social work experience expert field. Among other things I was giving mindfulness courses to some of the individuals of these group.

My experience expertise became a big motivation to serve others. When I was younger I was diagnosed with Ad(h)d -combined type- and it influenced my life a lot. Although having a ''different'' mind comes with a lot of struggles and often having the feeling that you're misunderstood, I also grew to love, embrace and appreciate my different way of being.

I feel confident, I know what my qualities are and I know what I need to do to take care of the common symptoms and pitfalls that come along with that special way of being.


This wasn't always the case, and so my own transformation inspired and motivated me several years ago to guide, mentor teach others how to be their own experience experts and Gurus.

I started to get interested in personal development, meditation and consciousness about 10 years ago.  I went on a spiritual quest and got interested in Buddhism, I got attracted by the training (mindfulness) of the mind, cultivating emotional intelligence and compassion part. I discovered that although I had these symptoms I also had a level of consciousness that I could develop to take more control of my mind. On this path I found more practical and soulful solutions in various personal development theories and spiritual philosophies.


I believe in healing, sharing and helping and I want to create a platform and place where these things come together. That way I hope to develop a place where  people will find recognition, appreciation, healing, inspiration and learn practical skills in their own personal transformation.


Besides a mindfulness trainer, as a counselor and coach I have a holistic approach and I focus on practical, strategic action plans combined with a spiritual, experience expertise dimension.

I love guiding groups as well as individuals and provide people with heartfelt insights and (com)passion in a way that leads people to heal, learn and grow.