Innerwaze- Mindfulness & coaching programs 

- 'Your Magical mind' coaching program focuses on dealing with Ad(h)d and being highly sensitive . Get to know your brain, develop self-awareness and how to recognize common, (destructive) patterns, limiting beliefs, dealing with symptoms, overcome obstacles and celebrating the  beauty of your special mind.


- The coaching trajectory called 'The coach in you' involves mindfulness, meditations (yoga is optional). This is for everyone that is going through a difficult time and  seeks healing, practical coping skills and lasting change and transformation on a mind, body & soul level.

  • Your magical mind- What can I expect from this coaching program? This is an 8 week program based on the original Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, only adjusted to your magical mind needs and focused on finding purpose and sharing your message. The program can be taken in person (in a group) or online. It includes the following topics:

  • Coaching with the brain in mind- We will recognize common symptoms and pitfalls that come along when dealing with Ad(h)d or being Highly sensitive. 

  • Developing effective coping skills to manage your mind

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and energy blocks

  • Using proven effective strategies to achieve your goals

  • Re-finding resilience, confidence and inner peace

  • Organize and balance your daily life with practical tools to improve the quality of your well-being and relationships

  • You'll get guidance and support whenever desired

  • The coach in you- What can I expect from this coaching program?

  • In this program we build your wellness action plan in a holistic way, built your toolbox and bring back to life your inner coach and inner guru.

  • I will empower you to through this process of change and transformation and provide you with skills, tools, clarity, encouragement, strategies and the answers you seek.

  • This program is based on the original Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR), combined with visualization techniques, logo-therapy principles and is customized to your needs and desires

  • It involves meditation and yoga practices

Both programs include aftercare and follow ups as needed. Both programs can be taken in person or online with accompanied materials.


  • Do you feel stuck and in need of a new direction and perspective in life?

  • Do you feel that you have so much potential, but you just don't know how

how to bring it out?

  • Do you feel like your life's a mess and you just want to find meaning ,clarity and motivation again?

  • Do you want to take control of your life, break with old destructive patterns?

  • Do you have many ideas and dreams, but somethings is holding you back to actually pursuing those?

Then One of the above programs might be just perfect for you!

During our preliminary  phone interview  we will discuss your situation as well as your goals and desires. to see which program matches best with your exact needs.

Get to know the landscape of your mind, recognize patterns, overcome obstacles, find confidence, purpose, self-love and celebrate the beauty of your magical mind.

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