MBSR Course description 

The 8 week course is build up on a few core elements:

  • Education ​

  • Meditation and moving exercises 

  • Sharing experiences

  • Home practice

Also there's a mindfulness retreat day build in during the course. 

What do you learn during the course?

  • You learn how you can observe and accept emotions and thoughts as 'passing events', so that they no longer overwhelm you or hold a strong grip on you. Which makes you less stuck, worry less so you can enjoy the moment more

  • You become more aware of your 'automatic' thoughts and behaviour patterns and you learn how you can let these go and how you can change, so you can make choices that suit you better.

  • You come in touch with your body more, so that you can feel better what does and what doesn't suit you, so you can take care of yourself more and live an authentic life.

  • you learn how to deal with the many stimuli that are often involved in both work and private setting, so that you can relax more and experience calmness.

How much time does the training includes?

  • The Mindfulness course lasts 8 weeks, with each week a session of 2,5 hour, and besides that there is an additional practice retreat day that takes up 4 hours.

  • It includes a workbook with background information and mindfulness exercises and audio recordings with guided meditations and yoga exercises which you can tae home to practice.